When to use CBD?

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There are many different opinions about the positive effect of cannabinoids (CBD) on well-being, but questions about the working time of CBD in the body and the effect after ingestion are asked by many. One question that is often asked is: CBD; how long does it take to feel a change? Since people have a very high expectation about this, the question is legitimate. However, we must emphasize that it is not possible to give exact information about this. Because many individual factors play a role when it comes to the effect and the duration of effect on a medical level. Since producers have been interviewing customers for many years, we can draw on a long list of experience reports, which are reported by serious testers. From the 23-year-old competitive athlete to the 55-year-old top manager to the 46-year-old early retiree, there is an abundance of real-life feedback.

When does the effect of CBD begin?

The effect of CBD is reported to generally help with a wide variety of issues, including various stress conditions. That is why CBD is used more and more as an additional supplement to conventional medicine. More and more people are recognizing the beneficial and liberating effects of the cannabis plant. We would now like to explain the effect of CBD and especially on which factors it depends.

Hemp – The natural origin of CBD.

Not only the cannabis plant represents a natural source of CBD, but also ordinary commercial hemp can be such a source. Manufacturers can help themselves to this raw material without any problems. For medical use, however, the EU-certified cannabis plant is used for the most part. This requires the least preparation and thus provides the purest form of cannabidiol [CBD]. In the hemp plants the CBD content is about 1.2% – 15%, in dried form of course.   

Difference CBD Sources

Meanwhile, there are all sorts of different ways and possibilities to consume hemp oil with CBD. A very popular and frequently practiced form is CBD oil, which is often offered online. The clear advantage of CBD oil is that it can be absorbed through the mucous membranes and thus quickly enters the bloodstream. In this case, one speaks of the oral intake of a herbal CBD product. In the best case, this is sublingual (sub means “under” in Latin and lingua means “tongue”), which means that the hemp oil is left in the mouth (under the tongue) for up to one minute before it is swallowed. The numerous blood vessels located in the mouth, can absorb the cannabinoids into the bloodstream.

The stomach then processes the swallowed oil holistically. This combination represented a practical as well as quick and equally effective ingestion – in which the bioavailability is also increased. The duration of the complete oil absorption is there in about 40-75 minutes, the effect occurs after 15-60 minutes. The duration of this lasts in about 4-8 hours.

The oil is also often taken in combination with food. If the CBD extract is taken in this white way, it takes a little more time for the active ingredient to reach the bloodstream. Taking CBD oil capsules is also a reliable form of intake. Especially the constant level through the pre-measured dosage prove to be very helpful in some cases. Here, the effect sets in after about 30-90 minutes and lasts about 6-8 hours. If the capsules are combined and bound with fats (for example hemp oil), a high bioavailability is given with the absorption over the stomach mucosa which offers a further benefit.

In creams, lotions, ointments and cosmetics CBD used for local application on the skin, develop their effect after about 15 minutes. In principle, however, it is also about the external effect on irritated, flaky, oily skin, or to activate the anti-aging forces.

Products and Dosage

The market is now full of different products and promises. Unfortunately, there are often inferior products among them. Thus, it is absolutely important to pay attention to the quality and manufacture of the products. A big role is played by how well tuned the cannabidiol content is for the application. For each application, the right dosage must first be found. Always stay slow and build up with time. Also remember that different people will react differently to different products, that is why we offer a variety of delivery methods and always include other active ingredients to enhance the effects of our products. 

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