CBD Myths Debunked

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In recent years the popularity of

In recent years the popularity of CBD supplements has increased dramatically, we have reached almost meme-like levels of attention. But with so much demand and so much attention, several false claims have begun to surface. We pride ourselves as being a reputable producer and to further that we would like to take the time today to debunk some myths for you.

Myth: CBD gets you high.

Many scientists agree that CBD isn’t psychoactive. It can become fairly complex when speaking about CBD, THC, and also the way they interact with both the CB1 and CB2 amino acids in the central nervous system. When it comes right down to it, CBD, maybe not entirely unlike THC, interacts with the CB1 receptor, changing cognition and mood. No, it does not give you a euphoric feeling.

CBD is associated with other compounds, ike THC, that are found together in the same plant with actual mind changing effects, but that is only an issue of guilt by association. You were thinking of intoxicating effects which make everything feel very slow or very fast? CBD does not have those effects in any respect.

Myth: All CBD is the same.

All CBD is not exactly the same. You’ve got CBD isolate that’s only CBD, without any additional stuff. You’ve got broad and full spectrum CBD which have various different components. Then there’s CBD that’s examined for quality, and CBD which isn’t. You also have individuals creating artificial CBD or advertising CBD oil that’s in fact hemp-seed oil.

Yes, CBD obtained from Industrial hemp and marijuana are the exact same molecule, therefore in that situation, the CBD itself is the same. Nevertheless, in regards to quality and the health benefits of what you’re consuming, CBD isn’t similar across the board. Testing, labeling, sourcing and pesticides use matters.

Myth: CBD isolate is better.

Sounds pretty powerful and great, right?

While there is normally nothing wrong with CBD isolate, you lose out on the significant other organic chemicals found in the plant when consuming just isolate. Including other small cannabinoids such as CBC and CBG, in addition to organic chemicals in hemp known as terpenes.

These organic chemicals, when taken collectively, cause better CBD effects. This is known as the entourage effect and is the most important reason it is wise to choose full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD infusion rather than CBD isolate.

Myth: More CBD is better.

Many assume that by simply taking a greater volume of CBD, they’ll get better, quicker, or longer-lasting results. That is not correct.

While CBD does not appear to cause any life threatening injury in high-doses, it does not appear to always be beneficial . An excessive amount of CBD can overstimulate your own ECS receptors (the very small receptors to socialize with cannabinoids such as CBD).

The ideal thing to do would be to begin with a minimal dose CBD and later build it up from there. Allow your body 30 days to correctly determine best results, do not rush it. In all honesty, taking just the suggested amount of CBD makes it far cheaper as well.

Myth: CBD makes you drowsy.

When taken properly, it is highly improbable that CBD will make you tired or drowsy. In reality, CBD can cause you to feel more concentrated throughout the day and feel much more rested through the night.

While some say CBD will loosen the entire body, being relaxed and feeling tired are just two entirely different countries.Everyone differs, needless to say, however CBD causing drowsiness doesn’t look common in any way.


If you take CBD, it is important to buy an item that’s been examined and a product which you know the origin of. This is essential for more than just your own health, it also helps to make sure the CBD industry improves as a whole. Do you research, buy with trust. 

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